Our classes are designed with you in mind. As your baby is developing within you, according to God’s perfect design, you can begin preparing yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually for the birth of your child. By attending classes, you will become eligible to receive maternity clothes, a layette of newborn items, new and used infant equipment, all free of charge to you! This is the perfect opportunity to ask all of the questions you may have about your pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting! We are praying for you and your baby. 


You can sign up for classes by calling 704-289-5133 or in person at our Monroe location. All classes are held in our Monroe location. We ask that you please be on time for classes. Arriving 15 minutes or more late will result in lost credit for that class.  In order to receive items earned from classes, you must have seen a counselor within the past 8 weeks. Please note: Low stock of car seats or other equipment may result in a waiting period to receive your items. You must be at least 26 weeks pregnant before you may bring items home.

Bible Study Opportunity: When you complete 4 Bible study classes in a 6 week period, you will receive a $25 Walmart gift card. 

P3 Program: Engage in our P3 program alongside your participation in any of our classes. Successfully finish any 3 classes by the conclusion of your 16th week of pregnancy, and you’ll receive the P3 journal. Upon completing a total of 10 classes before your 30th week, we’ll celebrate your journey with a baby shower!

Call us for more information:


  • English Classes

10:00 am – Parenting
1:00 pm – Mom’s Help Support Group

10:00 am – Breastfeeding (you can receive a breast pump after at least 2 classes)

12:00 pm – Childbirth (you must be at least 20 weeks to enroll in this class)

6:00 pm – Varied Topics

  • 1st Week – Pharmacy/Medication Safety (except June-August)
  • 2nd Week – Parenting
  • 3rd Week – Budgeting
  • 4th & 5th Weeks – No Class

6:00 pm – Varied Topics

  • 1st Week – Bible Study
  • 2nd Week – Car Seat/Fire Safety
  • 3rd Week – Parenting
  • 4th & 5th Weeks – No Class
  • Spanish Classes

You must be able to speak and understand Spanish in order to receive credit for these classes. 

10:15 am – Varied Topics

  • 1st Week – Mom’s Help Support Group
  • 2nd Week- Pregnancy 
  • 3rd Week – Varies
  • 4th Week – Mom’s Help Support Group

10:00 am – Bible Study