Baby Bottle Campaign

What is it?

The Baby Bottle Campaign offers a simple way for your church, youth group, women’s ministry, Sunday School class, VBS, company, civic organization, homeschool group, or any other LIFE-minded group to create a meaningful impact. This ongoing fundraising initiative allows us to offer valuable, life-affirming support to women navigating unplanned pregnancies. Whether you choose to participate virtually or with physical donation bottles, your involvement truly matters. In fact, this fundraiser contributes a large part of our annual budget, demonstrating that even small contributions can lead to substantial positive changes. Your involvement can make a world of difference.

How It Works

1. Get Your Campaign Set Up

Choose a date to start your campaign and then choose an end date (usually around 4 weeks later). Give us a call and let us know how many bottles you would like and when you can pick them up.

2. Have a Kick-off Service or Event

Plan a kick-off service or event. At this event you will introduce our center and the campaign. You can have a station set up for individuals or families to pick up the bottles and fill with change, cash, or checks. We can supply you with bulletin inserts, flyers, and other campaign materials. If you would like, you can schedule one of our ministry partners to come and present our ministry that same day or we can send you a video to share with your group explaining our ministry and the fundraiser. Make sure you publicize the event in your print and digital media beforehand (feel free to tag us on social media!).

3. Finalize your campaign and return the bottles.

Each week during your campaign remind your participants to keep filling those bottles and then have them return them on the final day of your campaign. Once you have all the bottles returned, drop them off at our center. We will tally up your donation and notify you of your contribution.

New for 2024!

Steps to a Sucessful campaign

  • 2023 Goal of $75,000 100% 100%