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Baby Bottle Campaign

Baby Bottle Campaign 2021

HELP Pregnancy Center has had the privilege of bringing hope to families for nearly 30 years. As we start a New Year, we are so excited to ask you to partner with us as we launch our 2021 Baby Bottle Campaign. This campaign helps us to continue to provide life-affirming resources to those who walk through our doors.

What is Baby Bottle?

1. It is an easy way for your church or organization to partner with HELP Pregnancy Center 2. It supports our ministry in helping to provide: Christian peer counseling Pregnancy tests and ultrasounds Needed clothing items and baby supplies (car seats, diapers, layettes, etc.) Its also an opportunity to take part in a larger effort to celebrate God gift of life.

Give Change to Change Lives

Baby saved with the support of generous people like you...

Family helped by HELP Pregnancy Center resources

HELP Pregnancy Center remains on the frontlines

Step 1: Pick up Campaign in a bag

Two to three weeks before presentation Sunday (or prior to presenting to organization), pick up your church’s/ organization’s campaign bag from our center or we can arrange to drop them off to you

Step 2: Publicize the event, make first presentation in service and distribute bottles

Use your church’s/organization’s webpage or other media outlets to create local awareness and excitement for how your church can get involved with local missions by supporting our ministry

We will provide you with a video to share with your congregation about the campaign

Step 3: Remind congregation/organization each week during campaign

Each Sunday (or once a week) during the campaign, remind the congregation/organization that you will be collecting cash, checks and change to support the center

Step 4: Gather bottles on Celebration Sunday (or end of Campaign)

This is the final day of your campaign and the end date that you gave the congregation (about 4 weeks after the campaign was presented)

Everyone should return their filled bottles this day and be collected

Step 5: Return Campaign in Bag sets along with cash, checks and change

Drop off filled and unused bottles back to the center

We will tally up the final results and notify you of your contribution

The best campus facilities

Our new virtual Text 2 Give option with social distancing in mind:

Text “Give” to 1-704-997-3883

Examples of amounts that can be used:

1 bottle – $30

2 bottles – $60

3 bottles – $90

or give by clicking here

Answer the call to HELP support your community!

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