In the midst of an unplanned pregnancy, you are now faced with many questions…

  • Am I truly prepared to become a parent?
  • Can I afford to raise a child on my own?
  • Will I be able to handle being a single parent?
  • What about my dreams and future?

We understand that this may be a challenging time for you. Your courage and selflessness in considering adoption for your child are truly admirable. It’s natural to have doubts and wonder if you’re making the right choice. Everyone experiences uncertainty when faced with significant decisions. Choosing between parenting, adoption, and even abortion is a profound decision, each with distinct outcomes.

Ultimately, this decision belongs to you alone, and no one should or can make it for you. Let the well-being of both you and your baby be the compass guiding your decisions. We are here solely to provide you with the necessary resources and support. 

Adoption presents a well-structured plan for you and your baby. You don’t have to rush into parenting when you feel unprepared. Despite not feeling ready for this sudden change, you still have the power to design a life plan that ensures your child finds loving arms. Our partner agency, Christian Adoption Services can provide you with free, confidential, truthful, facts about adoption and help you explore your options so you can make an informed decision about what is best for you and your baby. They have qualified, caring adoption counselors available 24/7 across NC & SC.

Call us today to make an appointment to speak with one of our peer counselors who can help you talk through your options.