Talking to Parents [OLD]

When you realize you are pregnant, it is important to have the support of those closest to you. One of the first steps is telling your family about the pregnancy. Although this is a difficult step to take, you should let your family know about your pregnancy as soon as possible.

Before you tell your family, you may want to have a plan. If you approach your parents with a well-conceived plan of how to deal with the pregnancy, they may be more inclined to listen. A peer counselor can help you explore your options regarding this pregnancy and talk to you about how to best approach your parents with the news.

You need to remember that your parents might be disappointed by the fact that you are pregnant. They still love you, but they probably did not expect you to be pregnant. Your parents will need some time to respond in their own way. If they need to be angry or grieve, you must let them do so. You may find it helpful to approach your parents with a calm, humble attitude. It may be necessary to remind your parents that there is a life inside of you, and you have to think of that life too. You may want to confide in a close friend and take that person with you. During this time, we are available to help. You don’t have to be alone if your parents do not immediately support you. We can help you find the support that you need.


“Parents must get across the idea that ‘I love you always, but sometimes I do not love your behavior.'” ~Amy Vanderbilt