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Forgiven and Set Free

Forgiven and Set Free Bible Study

Are you seeking hope, healing, and peace after a past abortion?

We invite you to embark on a transformative journey with the Forgiven & Set Free Bible Study.

Forgiven and Set Free is a Christ-centered Bible study designed specifically for those who have experienced the pain and guilt of abortion. This study delves deep into God’s healing Word, offering solace and guidance to navigate the complex emotions that often follow such an experience.

This study is a sanctuary for post-abortive women who yearn to rebuild their relationship with God. It’s for those who carry the weight of regret and seek a pathway to healing. If you’re ready to release the burdens of the past and find restoration, this journey is tailored for you.

Spanning over 10 weeks, our Forgiven & Set Free Bible Study is facilitated by women who have found healing themselves. Held at A Cause for Tea, each week focuses on a unique topic that gently guides you towards healing. Through discussions, reflections, and scriptural insights, you’ll embark on a purposeful expedition towards emotional and spiritual restoration.

**Week by Week Topics Include:**

– Orientation

– How do I know where I need healing?

– The Character of God

– Relief and Denial

– Anger

– The Need to Forgive

– Depression

– Grieving the Loss

– Closure

– Acceptance

The journey towards healing and freedom begins now. It’s time to let go of the pain, find hope in God’s love, and embrace the life that awaits you. Classes begin September 28th. For more information or to sign up, call Help Pregnancy Center at 704-289-5133 or call Nancy, the class facilitator, at 951-452-0788. Let’s heal and grow together.