Sponsor a Baby Shower

Perfect Pregnancy Planner/P3 Class

Your church, group, or family has the chance to make a meaningful impact in the lives of women choosing life for their babies! We host a baby shower each month for every mom completing the P3 program. This initiative, running alongside their classes, encourages participants to attend multiple classes throughout their pregnancy. Upon meeting the required class count, they not only receive essential resources for their babies but also enjoy a celebratory baby shower.

Our dedicated staff transforms the training room with touches of pink and blue, wraps thoughtful gifts for the moms, and invites them to bring up to three guests. We warmly invite you, your church, family, or group to join in this joyous celebration.

Wondering how you can contribute?

Choose a month to provide all the food and drinks for the party, including cupcakes, sandwiches, finger foods, chips/pretzels, nuts, and fruit or veggie trays, along with a refreshing punch.

For the moms, consider gifting PAJAMAS and creating goodie bags filled with feel-good items to make them feel loved and pampered.

Then, join us at the shower to show your love and support for the expectant mothers. Pray for them, offer words of encouragement, and share any fun games, valuable advice, and wisdom to make this celebration even more special.

Call 704-289-5133 and ask for Elena for more details or to sign up.