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What happens during an abortion?



Abortion has become part of our culture, yet many people do not fully understand the abortion process, the risks involved in abortion, or the alternatives to abortion. At HELP Pregnancy Center, our goal is to educate men and women about their options. Having an abortion is a life-changing experience, and we would like you to know the facts before you decide.

The video above shows a medically accurate account of what happens during a 1st trimester abortion, and also details the possible complications at the end of the video. [Click HERE to see more possible abortion complications]

If you think you may be pregnant, having an abortion is not your ONLY choice! You do not have to do this. We can help you by walking alongside you through the whole process, and showing that there is hope for you!

We are here to help you! What does that process look like at our Center? 

  • Call us to schedule your appointment with one of our trained Peer Counselors. During this time, you can get your questions answered and also take a pregnancy test to see if you’re pregnant or not.
  • If your pregnancy test returns positive, then we will schedule an ultrasound with our RN. Your counselor will continue to help answer any questions that you may have, and help advise you each step of the way.
  • Once everything is confirmed and you’ve been given a clear picture of your situation, then you can meet again with your counselor to help you through the different decisions that you have.
  • Emergency appointments and walk-ins are always available.
  • All services are offered to you 100% free

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It is against the law for anyone to force you to have an abortion. Not even a husband or parent can require you to undergo an abortion against your will, even if you are a minor (under 18 years old). We exist to help you in any circumstance. We can even help you discuss this choice with those closest to you that are influencing your decision.

The law in many states also requires abortion providers to give you information on: 1) possible complications, 2) the development of the baby, and 3) organizations that provide alternatives.

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