Seeing the baby in your womb is one of the most exciting moments of your pregnancy! We hope to encourage our clients by showing them a pictures of their babies. Trained medical personnel administer our ultrasound services. Although you may not be able to feel the baby yet, it is amazing to see the intricacy of the baby growing inside of you! If you are interested in having a free ultrasound at the HELP Pregnancy Center, please call us for more information.

The HELP Pregnancy Center offers limited ultrasound capabilities; we are not a diagnostic center. Our goal is to show you your baby, see if we can detect heart motion, and try to determine if the baby is in the uterus. We are not able to determine the baby’s gender, and we require that you have a pregnancy test with us before you receive an ultrasound. If you are under a doctor’s care, your doctor will perform an ultrasound for you.