Free STI Clinic

FREE STI Clinic at the HELP Pregnancy Center

You must take responsibility for your sexual health!!

All of the testing performed at the Pregnancy Center is completely free and confidential.

Clients at the STI clinic are tested for Chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, Hepatitis B, and HIV. A doctor or nurse is involved in every test, and the results are entirely confidential. When clients come in for testing, male clients will speak with a male counselor, and female clients will speak with a female counselor. Clients are free to share concerns or ask any questions while speaking with the peer counselor.

The STI Clinic is available most Tuesday afternoons and one Tuesday evening a month. Since Clinic hours may vary, please call the Center to make an appointment to be tested (704-289-5133).

Remember, if you are sexually active, nothing can protect you from all forms of sexually transmitted infections. It is best to be tested in order to protect yourself from the damage that an STD can cause.

To take a written test that predicts your risk of STI, visit