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Every year, we participate in Belk’s Charity Sale events. We are given tickets to sell for $5 each, and these double as coupons for the shopper because you will get $5 off your first item! The money raised from these charity sales directly benefits our Center. Currently, we are raising money for our Medical Department to help finance nurses being trained for ultrasound services and more.

Mark your calendars for the next Belk Charity Sale on November 4th, 6-10 am! You must have a coupon ticket to get in, and each ticket is only $5. Each ticket also gives you $5 off your first purchase. The proceeds will benefit our Medical Department. This is a great time to get some Christmas gifts at good discounts for your loved ones while also giving back to the needy women and children in our community! ** Note: There will be a pre-sale – and it will run from Oct 23-Nov 3. Reach out to us for tickets! **

Any questions, please call Kelly at 704.289.5133

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